The ‘Wood Desk Organizer’ is Chic and Classic

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
The ‘Wood Desk Organizer’ by LessandMore is a miminalist organization facilitator that is both chic and easy to use. What trips people up when trying to organize their lives is over complication—it can be hard to follow. However, this organization unit offers small holes to get your desk, make-up bag, kitchen drawers or sewing area all neat and tidy so you can at least have one area of your life that’s in perfect order.

Made from sustainable wood from old barns or lumber yards that has been aged to perfection, these simple organizers also offer the option of being DIY-able to add some individualized personality. If the plain wood doesn’t appeal to you, they are simple to paint, carve, or attach.