Pinco Panco is a Set of Heavy Items That Keeps Stationery Stationary

Paperweights began basic, got a bit more elaborate, and then they seemed to nearly disappear. The Pinco Panco pair brings back the practical desktop accessory with an image that's timeless and aesthetically prominent.

Designed by Giorgia Zanellato of Venice, this set comprises two upright weights with wooden handles and heavy stone bases. One of them has a tall and cylindrical bottom that's been cast from concrete, while the other has a shorter puck shape that's been cut from beautiful dark marble. The former has a timber handle that's oriented horizontally at the top; the latter has a grip that sticks upright. Quite large and assertive in presence, the tool-like Pinco Panco set keeps your documents in place and engenders drama each time you lift the pieces up with your fist.