These Valentine Cards by Kraze 4 Paper Creatively Profess Love

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: etsy
Prepare for the unbridled day of love and emotion with Valentine Cards by Kraze 4 Paper that are just as offbeat as you. Being unconventional is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s actually preferred. It offers a breath of fresh air into a romantic holiday that is satisfied with remaining static and stuck in its old ways. Traditions need updating and new ways of professing love should be put into action. This strange and sentimental stationery clears up both these concerns.

Avoid the sappy Hallmark cards with extensive amounts of poetry and settle on a card that is simple and sweet. It doesn’t hurt that its cyclops character is also indescribably adorable. By actually spelling out feelings through the help of a gigantic googly eye, a heart and the word "you," these Valentine Cards by Kraze 4 Paper are a lovably literal approach to expressions of endearment.