The Souvenir Desk by Andrea Rekalidis Pays Tribute to Monuments

The Souvenir Desk is an art piece by Andrea Rekalidis that shows just how much can be down with stationery. Most people look at pencils and see a writing tool, but apparently Rekalidis sees Italian monuments instead.

The artist has designed various pieces that all pay tribute to monuments from this European country, with an uncanny resemblance considering what everything is made out of. The entire project is meant to have a playful element to it, and really turn these monuments into minuscule objects. What's even better is how certain pieces of stationary are still functional, such as the Pantheon which doubles as a pencil sharpener.

This is a creative take on the possibility of design when it comes to everyday objects that are usually only used for specific purposes.

Photo Credits: designboom,