The MATT Ring and Oval Help Organize Your Desk in a Roundabout Way

The broader openings of the MATT Ring and Oval are unusually not meant to serve as storage compartments for writing utensils; instead, these playful pen holders have deep ridges sliced into their perimeters that accommodate the arrangement of notepads, pencils and miscellaneous desk clutter.

Soft plastisol material in black forms the round and oblong versions of the Objekten office accessory. It's a little bit elastic to allow for the insertion of various items and the tight cling-ability to keep everything secure. A continuous loop throughout both pieces provides plenty of channel space for lodging everything from stationery to electronic cables.

Of course, Sylvain Willenz's MATT Ring and Oval do still have those large gaps in their middles. These could prove useful for positioning lamps, small devices or more awkward office supplies.