The Six Mile Pencil Encourages You to Run With Your Creativity

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: kickstarter & mocoloco
The creator of the Six Mile Pencil has certainly come up with an imaginative way to rebrand the traditional wood and lead writing utensil. As typing and digital drawing prevail over low-tech means of recording ideas and messages, Lyon&Lyon underline a different way to appreciate the little doodler that sheds new light and delight.

Testing has informed the makers of this product that the graphite within it is sufficient to draw a continuous six-mile line until it cannot be sharpened anymore. As you use the scribbler gradually, ruler-style markings along the sides of the bright yellow implements tell you approximately how much distance you might have covered with your strokes.

The Six Mile Pencil also comes in a Ten Kilometer version, and is packaged as four utensils with an included notebook.