Alert Staples Warn You when Your Desktop Implement Needs Restocking

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
An invention does not need to be hi-tech in order to be clever or useful, and a good example of this is these Alert Staples. Thought up by Wei-Ling Hsu, Cyuan-Yi You and Yu-Ren Lai, the concept is an uncomplicated system that notifies you when your page-binding appliance is running low on paper clips.

The typical cartridge bar of new staples is essentially what you see here, except that five bits of wire on one end of it have been coated in red color. When you're reloading your stapler, this side goes towards the back of the track so that the vibrantly-tinted metal pieces will be the last ones to come out. During regular use, you'll know when to prepare for a refill after the first of the Alert Staples is dispensed.