Gingerbread Twix and M&Ms are the Perfect Holiday Snacks

With the holidays approaching in the next few months, brands are catering their products to be more festive-friendly, and gingerbread Twix and M&Ms are hitting the shelves.

In many homes, gingerbread is a staple, as kids love to make gingerbread houses and men and decorate them with delicious candy. With gingerbread-flavored M&Ms, kids can adorn their creations with as much of the flavor as they please! The M&M brand is no stranger to creating time-sensitive products, as it released pumpkin-flavored ones for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Gingerbread-flavored Twix is also a treat worth trying, as the blend of chocolate, biscuit and caramel would probably taste delicious with an added spiced flavor. Gingerbread Twix and M&Ms are also great treats to serve guests at your holiday party.