The Popular Fall Treat is Now Available as a M&M Chocolate Flavor

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: mms & consumerist
Fans of the infamous pumpkin spice latte can now enjoy the warm fall treat in a new form as an M&M chocolate flavor. The candies were recently spotted at various Target locations alongside other seasonal tastes such as pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin spice lattes are a staple of the fall season thanks to brands like Starbucks that recreate the drink yearly. M&M has hopped on the cult classic bandwagon by infusing its candy chocolates with a similar latte flavoring. The candies are filled with a milk chocolate centre covered in an white, brown and orange colored hard shell outer layer that is most likely flavored with a pumpkin syrup and espresso notes. These candies exemplify how brands are tapping into popularized cult edibles by adding similar flavors to their own products.