Peecycling is the Latest in Tree-Hugging Innovations

All tree huggers need to take heed of the following innovation in farming and recycling. Peecycling is the act of recycling one’s urine for use as a local fertilizer.

Using pee for things other than just excrement isn’t a foreign concept. There are many tree huggers and non-tree huggers alike who drink urine for the nutrients and others in more desperate situations who even bathe in it, but peecycling is a whole new beat in pee re-appropriation. Peecyclists harvest discarded urine in big jugs and then use it to fertilize large plots of grass.

How good is urine as a fertilizer? Well after tests involving 60 participants in Vermont, it showed that the strip that was treated with urine shone greener. Urine contains nitrogen and phosphorous so this isn’t completely far fetched, just very unexpected.