Miroslav Menschenkind Displays His Pop-Up Butcher Shop

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: xpon-art.de & junk-culture
Artist Miroslav Menschenkind has created a pop-up butcher shop of horrors that is sure to destroy your inner child if you gaze upon it for too long.

This pop-up butcher shop can be seen at Galerie x-pon-art located in Hamburg, Germany for the "Auf_Hängen" exhibit–which I can only assume is German for "seriously messed up," however Google Translate informs me that it means "hang" or "suspend". Menschenkind's stuffed animal butcher shop has teddy bears hanging from meat hooks and entering sausage grinders. There are decapitated animals strewn about and hanging in front of the shop window, enticing would-be customers to enter the store.

I can only imagine that this pop-up butcher shop exhibit is a commentary on animal slaughtering.The stuffed animal slaughterhouse confronts us with the idea of killing animals in a unique and unexpected way.