This Nose Shaper Strengthen Your Nose to Make it Perkier

 - Feb 15, 2014
References: dailymail & mno3
If you are conscious of the shape of your nose and want to alter it without spending a lot of money on surgery, this little nose shaper gadget is a useful alternative.

This nose shaper is called the Hana Twin Nose, and only needs to be used for 20 minutes a day. With this in place, it strengthens and straightens out your nasals so they appear upright, smooth and linear. The clip is placed up both nostrils and supports either side; by pushing up the bone and the nose’s contours it helps to shape the structure so that it is more perkier.

If you have a complex with the shape of your nose, but you aren’t willing to go under the knife, the Hana Twin Nose shaper would be a cost effective alternative to giving you the ideal nose.