O Les Mains Shocks Viewers with Strange Hand Placement

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: babakmeetsjeffrey & neatorama
O Les Mains is a shocking and frightening, to say the least. The surreal photo series by Babak Hosseiny and Jeffrey Vanhoute uses hands and fingers to create some of the creepiest art one may ever see.

As obvious as it sounds, hands and fingers on their own are not scary. When you start moving digits around though and putting things where they shouldn't be, things start to get weird. The photos are digital manipulations where the subjects hands are moved and paced in weird places like poking out of their face, the back of their neck or out of their mouth.

The inspiration for the project came from a Wittgenstein book. In that book it says that hands are the symbols of one's desires and fears. O Les Mains certainly has the fear part down pat.