Brain Mashburn's Artwork is Both Bleak and Hopeful

 - Feb 16, 2014
References: brianmashburnart & faithistorment
If you're looking for moving artwork, why not go for the most dramatic scenes of all and indulge in post apocalyptic paintings that will both excite you and make you appreciative of what you have now?

In these apocalyptic painting scenes by artist Brain Mashburn, you can feel the struggle between nature, culture and industry.

Mashburn's meticulous oil paintings of gothic beauty poignantly express the issues of our escalating urban and population problems; you can feel it from the almost polluted and drab landscape in his brushstrokes and the colors he uses.

Mashburn's surreal landscape paintings feature spaces where trees, clouds and lonely figures are a front for an almost Industrial Age looking backdrop.

Painting with what he calls, "the soul of a hopeless romantic and the dark humor of a cynic," Mashburn bleak artwork somehow give hope for a better future.