Photographer Iain McKell Brilliantly Captures a World Often Unexplored

The photo series by photographer Iain McKell called 'Book The New Gypsies' captures modern day travelling nomads. Iain McKell joined a nomadic craftsmen for ten years on the road and was able to capture a world which does not conform to societal norms of living. McKell basically encapsulated the modern day hippie way of life.

Iain McKell has since worked on high fashion campaigns and magazine spreads with Kate Moss. His work is versatile, ranging from shooting hillbillies to super models.

The modern day gypsy hippies in his work are not born into this way of life, but rather choose it. These individuals are usually those working in the festival circuit, selling handmade goods and making money as performing artists. The idea of a gypsy is not a foreign concept, but modern day nomads choose to live self sustainably and completely independently. McKell’s photography captures different types of gypsy nomads, ranging from families to lone individuals. Iain McKell takes captivating fantasy-like images of a world often unexplored.