The Duke Cannon Supply Co. Sells Its Soaps with Hatchets

Soaps from the Duke Cannon Supply Co. mean business. In its line of 'Big Ass Bricks of Soap,' this is evident fairly quickly from names like 'The F***-Ton' and scents like 'Naval Supremacy.'

The "Big Ass" soaps weigh in at a hefty 10 oz, and can be purchased individually, or with other grooming essentials like shaving cream and shampoo. The soaps are also available as part of a set contained in a militaristic metal gift box, or for something super manly, soap bars that smell like "victory," "accomplishment" and "productivity" come with a hatchet.

As well the allure of the bold masculine branding and unusual scents, another compelling reason to buy soap from the Duke Cannon Supply Co. is that a portion of the proceeds from sales goes towards the support of male and female Veterans who have fought for The United States.