'The Return' Photo Series Documents How Nomads in America Live

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: adrainchesser & vice
Documenting the lives of real-life modern day nomads in America, the new 'The Return' photography series is a collaboration between photographer Adrain Chesser and ritualist Timothy White Eagle.

Following the nomads in America all the way west, Chesser's self-discory journey and personal photography of his time there soon turned into 'The Return' series.

Trying to create a certain feel to capture the spirit of how these nomads live, this mystical series almost draws a portrait of how these nomadic individuals travel through the western United States and how they peacefully embody the notions of living harmoniously with the Earth like the early Native Americans.

"My soul needed images of people living wild and free, untethered from society, specifically people whose life experience reflected my own feelings of being ‘other,'" says Chesser.