This Home Infographic is Filled with Gruesome Facts

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: digg & designtaxi
'How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items' is a new home inforgraphic that'll keep you safe in your own house. We all know too many pills can kill you, but how much water is too much?

The creative team at Digg created this colorful and infographic that illustrates the amount of food and household items that you'll need to ingest to die. So be safe when you're cooking with cinnamon, as 40 tablespoons will kill you, and take care when you're brushing your teeth, as ingesting 13 tubes of the stuff will put you in your grave.

It may be a hugely morbid infographic, but if you've got a dark sense of humor and want to know some extreme facts about ingesting random things in your house, you'll love this guide!