Transitions by Clarissa Bonet Captures Quiet Changes

 - Jun 21, 2014
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Transitions by Clarissa Bonet, a photographer born in Tampa, Florida, and based in Chicago, Illinois, is a photo series that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Yet the title suggests a period of changing from one state to the next, which is visualized through packed luggage, a ladder to nowhere and a woman playing a child's hopscotch game.

One way to interpret Transitions by Clarissa Bonet is to hone in on the protagonist's desire for some sort of change but her inability to realize it. As though stuck in a transitional limbo, she tries desperately to either cling onto the past or move towards an unknown future. Although quirky and surreal, Transitions by Clarissa Bonet has a dark undertone that owes itself to this internal struggle. Many will be able to relate.