This 3D Cake Design is an Edible Treasure Map Perfect for Buccaneers

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: instructables & instructables
If you're looking for a theme for your next birthday party, this pirate cake might be the ideal centre piece for a pirate-themed celebration. The cake is designed to be an edible treasure map made from delicious ingredients and decorated to resemble old maps buccaneers use to use when they sailed the seas.

This pirate cake is a great example of turning a homemade cake into a work of edible art. The cake's base can be made from any flavor you like baked in a rectangular dish. Then top the cake with a layer of light brown fondant to replicate the look of old paper. From there the cake can be decorated however you please, with typographic details such as the ocean, trees, mountains and a big X to mark the treasure spot.

This cake design is simple to do and customizable to suit the interests of any child.