Permutations on Iron by Tobias Tovera is Artistically Rusty

 - Jun 14, 2014
References: tobiastovera &
The Permutations on Iron art series could be mistaken for an aerial photo project capturing landmasses from above. The shapes created as well as the rust colors all point to some sort of heat map representing islands and other points on the Earth. It is this deceptive quality that makes the series so intriguing

Created by Tobias Tovera, an artist based in San Francisco, California, what makes the Permutations on Iron art series special is how subjective the images are. While some people might see landmasses, others may interpret something else. Yet at the core of the Permutations on Iron series is an unique medium that is as stunning as paints. Although it is unclear whether metal is used, the images certainly give it that impression.