This Postale Tissue Wrap Design is Artisanal and Vintage-Inspired

 - Feb 18, 2015
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy's chickydoddle shop specializes in gift wrap, decorative tape and tissue paper that is nostalgic or travel-themed. The shop's Postale tissue wrap is designed by Tim Holtz and is an homage to retro maps, stamps and typography.

This cartographic tissue paper product is semi-translucent and features a graphic, black and white print. In addition to being used to decorate a gift that is already wrapped, this product can also double as functional wrap itself when layered.

Priced at a $13 rate, this affordable tissue paper product will appeal to fans of travel or vintage typography. Use the product when wrapping a going-away gift or artisanal present. The paper is sold in a 15' x 12" roll that can be cut to one's desired size.