The City Lights Globe Lamp Illuminates Various Cities at Night

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: hammacher & hammacher
The illuminated city lights globe is a one-of-a-kind spherical map of the world that is capable of turning into a night light when the sun sets. This globe lamp automatically lights up the various cities around the world just like an astronaut floating around in space would see them.

During the day this lamp looks deceivingly like your average globe with colorful countries and blue bodies of water. When the sun goes down and all the light disappear from the room, this globe darkens leaving behind the various cities lit up according to their various population sizes. Countries in Europe, Asia and North America have the most light because of their large population numbers. In contrast, Africa remains the darkest continent.

This lamp measures roughly ten inches in diameter offering home owners a detailed view of various countries and continents featured on the globe.