The AvatarMind iPal is a Full-Time Companion for Children

 - Oct 1, 2016
References: avatarmind & mashable
Parenting is tiring, and even the most devoted parents need a break every once in awhile, so the AvatarMind iPal is offering just that. The device is a robotic playmate for children between the ages of three and eight, and, according to AvatarMind, it is capable of looking after children for "a couple of hours" at a time.

The AvatarMind iPal comes packed with technology and features. Though just three feet tall, is has 25 motors that give it a humanoid range of motion, and it has a six inch LED screen mounted on its chest to let kids play games.

For parents, the AvatarMind iPal can also help with things that are easy to lose track of. It monitors kids' heights, for example, and sends all that data to an app that parents can check on their smartphones.