Heather Baird's Black Velvet Cake Has a Nebula Theme That's Out of This World

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: sprinklebakes & designtaxi
For a while galactic prints in fashion were all the rage in DIY fashion, but this black velvet cake is taking the nebula look to a more edible level. Created by Sprinkle Bakes blogger and author Heather Baird, the Black Velvet Nebula Cake has a mesmerizing space-look to it that would make it perfect to serve at a space enthusiast's birthday party.

The black velvet cake is made with dark cocoa powder and black gel food coloring. White confetti sprinkles in the batter give the appearance of stars. Black gel food coloring is also used to darken the dark chocolate frosting. Ready-made black fondant, painter's sea sponges and a stiff hog bristle artist's brush will also be required for this DIY project. The 'paint' is a mixture of water and food coloring.