This Custom Cover Can Decorate Laptops with Any Pictures or Illustrations

 - Oct 2, 2016
References: spoonflower & designsponge
This laptop skin can be customized to the needs of those making it and be customized to most standard laptop sizes.

Created by Jessica Marcquez, the five step process is simple if the proper tools are used. Users of this app need a drawing or photo they would like to customize their laptops with, along with re-positionable wallpaper. By taking a photo of a drawing or series of objects, people making this custom laptop skin are able to adjust it with an editing app so that is suits their visual needs. The third step is to order the image from the custom wallpaper site 'Spoonflower' which offer swatches that would fit a 15" laptop. From there, users are able to simply cut out the size they need and place it on top of their laptop.

This re-positionable laptop skin gives users the ability to customize their personal computers in a way that is not permanent.