This Artist Created Miniature Versions of Fashion Accessories

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: phillipnuveen &
In an extremely quirky project, Phillip Nuveen creates miniature designer products that look just like the real thing.

His mini designer items are all realistic looking and each photo features hands holding the art so that the viewer can understand the scale of the designs. The artist recreated miniature designer products such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel shopping bags, a tiny model of an Hermes store complete with realistic looking purses and ties and miniature designer books. Most interesting and intricate is the designer's miniature twist on Louis Vuitton luggage, as he recreated stacks of the luggage in both brown and white and used the same detailing that can be seen on the real luggage.

The miniature items that the designer has produced showcase not only a playful art project but the artist's unique ability to pay attention to detail.