The 'Royal Chess Set' Costs More Than a Supercar

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: thehouseofsolidgold & luxurylaunches
Since, narratively speaking, chess is a game in which two immensely powerful empires wage war until only one king remains, the absolute luxury of the Royal Chess Set is almost appropriate. The lavish set, drenched in gold and stuck with diamonds, costs more than most luxury cars at $370,000.

The eye-popping price tag on the Royal Chess Set comes from a stubborn insistence on crafting the piece in the most luxurious way possible. Its materials are the creme de la creme of expensive jewelry, with 1.2 kilograms of 18 karat solid yellow and white gold, and 4,874 fancy black and yellow-golden diamonds encrusted throughout. Aside from the materials, the labour is even extravagant: thirty master craftsmen sank a total of 4,500 hours into each Royal Chess Set.