From Luxury Oyster Dining Experiences to Lavish Gold Sneakers

 - Aug 2, 2016
These August 2016 luxury innovations range from solid gold sneakers to functional luggage lines that are simultaneously designed to appeal to avid fashion fans. When looking at the month's top fashion trends, standouts include extravagant sneakers that blend performance and practicality with lavish design details along with couture dress collections that draw inspiration from whimsical fairytale imagery.

When examining the month's food and beverage innovations, notable picks range from 'Ruby Roman' grape bunches that will set shoppers back a whopping $10,900 when purchased in select Japanese grocers as well as lavish champagne donuts like Dum Dum Donutterie's Luxury Zebra Cro menu item -- considered one of the world's most indulgent and expensive sweets.

Rounding off this list are kingly chess sets, luxe flat screen televisions and modular showerheads that feature an angelic and halo-shaped design.