The 'SportJet' is Specifically Designed to Carry Professional Athletes

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: wired
'SportJet', the newly proposed athlete-focused private jet from Russian engineering firm Sukhoi, represents what is surely the final frontier of athletic pampering. Decades ago, professional players had to take buses or even drive themselves hundreds of mile to get to a game. Though for the past few decades athletes have taken chartered jets, the SportJet is the first airplane specifically built with athletes in mind.

The jet comes with many amenities that any athlete would be sure to make use of, including massage tables, fitness equipment, and a coach's office. Recognizing that a football team has different needs when compared to a basketball team, and so on, the SportJet incorporates a modular, four-compartment design that allows each plane to be customized for the athletes it carries. Roughly, the four compartments are for recovery, rest, coaching, and administration.

Sukhoi's SportJet reflects the lucrative business of professional sports, a business so immensely profitable that even the sports transportation market is worth $600 million.