The Solscience 'Antidot' Shoe Deodorizer Ensures Fresh Kicks

 - Dec 3, 2016
References: & coolthings
Created to help ensure that shoes are never allowed to succumb to odor, the Solscience 'Antidot' shoe deodorizer comes in several fragrance options to help keep smells at bay.

The Solscience 'Antidot' shoe fragrances work by being spritzed into the interior area and heel section of virtually any kind of shoe. After being doused, the shoes should be left to dry for about five-minutes before being worn again or stored. This helps to inhibit the smell of sweat and bacteria from forming without having to have wearers wash their footwear constantly.

The Solscience 'Antidot' shoe deodorizer is purported as being essentially cologne for your sneakers and is ideal for use by guys or gals who find their sneakers could use a little freshening.