The 'Rezo' High-Quality Speaker is Made to Resonate Better

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: yankodesign
The majority of speakers on the market are crafted from metal and plastic materials, but the 'Rezo' is a high-quality speaker that's designed a little differently. Featuring a construction that's made from medium-density fiberboard, the 'Rezo' speaker is capable of resonating sound much clearer than other materials. This helps the highs and lows to come through far clearer and make the unit sound far richer than what's possible with other speakers out there.

The 'Rezo' high-quality speaker is the design work of Waseem Chothia and features each speaker driver with a dedicated port within a single enclosure. This allows bass at a very low frequency to resonate far clearer and with more intensity than on other systems.