'Difference' Specializes in Customization by Phone

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: difference.tokyo & japantrends
'Difference' is the name of a new suit shop for men that's opening in the wealthy Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. While this shop offers bespoke services for men, what really sets this particular store apart is its own app, which offers virtual tailoring.

After having their first suit custom-made in-store, consumers then have the chance to have their second suit made through Difference's app. Through this dedicated application, consumers have the chance to use a mobile device to conveniently select designs, colors and other details of the suit that will be crafted by Difference. Through the app, there is no need to return to the physical store and the finished product can be delivered to consumers within a few weeks. While many retail outlets are focused on constantly drawing shoppers in, this one sets itself apart by only requiring a one-time visit.