This Winter Coat is a Wearable Version of the Deadpool Costume

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: fancy
This Deadpool winter coat by Al Riders on the Storm is inspired by the superhero's noteworthy red costume featured in the recently released film. The jacket features a fitted quilted aesthetic paired with a fully zip up hood that covers the face to create a mask modelled after the vigilante. The coat features a stylish and understated design that is suitable for everyday wear, while still referencing the iconic comic book hero.

The ultra light winter jacket is ideal to adorn during sports or extremely cold winter weather thanks to its down filling, polyester finish and frontal zip up hood. The hood creates a concealed mask for the face with a breathable mouth piece and eye sockets for seeing that are creatively modelled after Deadpool's superhero costume. The jacket also comes with a detachable head pom-pom.