The 'Eletrunks' Lifting Underwear Ensures Consistent Comfort

To help deter men from having to readjust themselves in public, the 'Eletrunks' lifting underwear works to effectively make it easier to adjust in a stealth way. The 'Eletrunks' underwear work by utilizing a pouch system that is outfitted with a lifter cord that can be pulled in order to lift and readjust the pouch. This eliminates the occurrence of having to readjust one's underwear or pants when out in public.

The 'Eletrunks' lifting underwear helps to eliminate compression and even regulate temperature to ensure consistent comfort all day long. The 'Eletrunks' underwear is made in Brooklyn, New York and comes in a variety of color options to choose from. Each of the 'Eletrunks' underwear styles is crafted using modal for an ultra-comfortable feeling.