FOREAL's News Campaign Blends Political Topics into Art

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: weareforeal & designboom
FOREAL is a design studio that's known for it's eccentric digital art, with its talents recently used to create print ads for a news campaign for the purposes of selling an app for Samsung.

The app, titled 'Upday' functions to provide users with a stream of the content that they find interesting, mixing stories that surround pop culture, politics, technology, music, sports and practically anything else -- a concept that the news campaign looked to visualize. FOREAL's creative artwork illustrates this perfectly by manufacturing characters that exhibit these topics. With this, the company brings the app to life and shows the possibilities it allows for -- while also creating vibrant artwork that makes people want to keep looking.

One image combines sports, pop culture, politics and technology into one with a comical hybrid that shows Donald Trump's face wearing VR glasses attached to Kim Kardashian's body, whose large behind is meanwhile transformed into two basketballs. Photo Credits: designboom, weareforeal