These Ads Dress the Snickers Bar as Other Chocolate Snacks

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: snickers & coloribus
As part of its ongoing efforts to prove "You are not you when you are hungry," Mars created a clever series of Snickers bar advertisements. The print ads feature the Snickers name on some of the most well-known wrappers of other candy bars that Mars manufactures, including Bounty and Twix. Rather than alluding to products from a competitor, this is a subtle way for Mars to promote its other offerings.

As well as being dressed up in an unfamiliar wrapper, Snickers also takes on the graphic style of each chocolate bar's logo, which consumers will be able to recognize as familiar, yet foreign.

Previously, consumers have come to know this campaign with advertisements where Snickers has created intentional Photoshop mishaps on models and for its most recent Super Bowl ad, transformed Marilyn Monroe into Willem Dafoe.