The Garnier Anti-Aging Campaign Asks People to Not "Ruin It This Time"

 - May 10, 2016
References: adeevee
There are many things people would like to forget when it comes to their early years, but the Garnier Anti-Aging ad campaign points out that there are a few things to remember fondly. In this case, lush and strong hair. Yes, said hair may have been in an awkward stage in terms of style, but the Garnier Anti-Aging ad campaign reads, "Don't ruin it this time."

Conceived and executed by Publicis, an ad agency based in Mexico City, Mexico, the Garnier Anti-Aging ad campaign focuses on the idea of second chances. It is giving the gift of youth to your cuticles and asking you to respect the chance to relive your glory days. This sentiment is much more powerful than a list of all the properties of the products.