The Sherlock Anti-Thief Campaign Shows How Worthless Cars Will Be to Thieves

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: adeevee
The Sherlock Anti-Thief ad campaign cleverly depicts how worthless a car can be to a potential thief with its system in place. So worthless, in fact, that the images depicts a security truck, pick-up and convertible as large garbage bins. It specifically attributes this new perspective through the use of its impressive technology, writing, "Thanks to our 52 marking points."

Conceived and executed by Bleublancrouge, an ad agency based in Montreal, Canada, the Sherlock Anti-Thief ad campaign was creative directed by Jonathan Rouxel with art direction by Julien Hérisson and photography by Simon Duhamel of Consulat. Dark and gritty, the images allude to the fact that something bad can happen, but that it won't. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.