The 'GOODVIBES' Device Uses Breathing Techniques to Get Users to Sleep

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
Those who find themselves having trouble falling and staying asleep could benefit from the 'GOODVIBES' device, which utilizes breathing techniques to help relax users.

The 'GOODVIBES' device utilizes the 4-7-8 breathing technique in order to help users relax, unwind and get ready for rest. The 'GOODVIBES' device uses a series of illumination cues to let you know when to inhale and exhale in order to prepare the body and mind for sleep. The 'GOODVIBES' device will continue to repeat the various breathing techniques over and over until users fall asleep.

The 'GOODVIBES' device is intended to help users fall asleep faster, but also stay asleep for the whole night. This can help to make all the time spent in bed sleeping more quality to ensure users wake well-rested and ready for their day.