- Mar 23, 2017
These infant sleep-tracking innovations help parents and caretakers to get a better idea of how frequently and deeply a child is sleeping, so that they know which changes need to be made to ensure that they develop in a healthy manner.

In addition to advanced smart devices that monitor sleep extensively, like the 'Knit' connected camera system which looks at body and chest movements, there's simpler alternatives like the 'NoomiNoomi,' which softly rocks strollers.

Also featured in these sleep-tracking innovations is SleepPhones' 'Dozer, the Sleep Sheep,' a smart plush toy that was unveiled at CES 2017. The toy connects to an MP3 player so that soothing music can be played to children, and even has the ability to track their movements throughout the night to show how deeply they're resting.

From Soothing Stroller-Rocking Devices to Wearable Monitors: