The Somnox Pillow Gently Mimics Inspiration to Help People Sleep

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: & dezeen
The Somnox pillow helps sleepers to fall into a slumber by mimicking the feeling of lying next to another person. The robotic pillow feigns the gentle, somnolent inspiration and aspiration of a person's drowsy breathing, helping comfort the user and ultimately lulling them to sleep faster.

Though insomniacs might not realize it, breathing is one of the biggest hurdles to falling asleep. If one can't slow his or her breathing down, the body will have a difficult time reaching sleep. By hugging onto the Somnox pillow while trying to drift into the land of Nod, one subconsciously matches the breathing rhythm of its robotic interior, helping them to fall asleep.

The Somnox pillow was developed by a team from TU Delft. Beyond the breathing motion, it is also embedded with Bluetooth speakers for playing gentle music, and it can be programmed to gradually emit light as the morning breaks, naturally waking its user up.