The Silca 'SuperPista' Bike Pump Ensures Precision Pumping

 - May 24, 2016
References: & gearhungry
Keeping bicycle tires properly inflated is key to ensuring smooth, comfortable rides, so Silca 'SuperPista' bike pumps are here to make the endeavor more streamlined and precise.

The Silca 'SuperPista' pump features a large design with a beechwood handle to make it sturdier than traditional plastic bike pumps. The full-grain leather gasket ensures it's ready for continued use year after year.

The best part of the Silca 'SuperPista' bike pump is the built-in pressure gauge that will provide users with an exact readout during pumping. It features accuracy within 2%, which is significantly higher than the 5% industry standard to ensure that the number displayed is as true as possible.

With cycling becoming a more popular mode of transport in cities around the world, many cyclists are opting for more sophisticated accessories like the Silca 'SuperPista' bike pump.