- Jul 3, 2016
Electric skateboards, cars constructed from hemp and eco-friendly off-road vehicles are just a few of the forward-thinking concepts explored within some of the most popular June 2016 eco transportation ideas.

Around the world, urban vehicles may be getting smaller, but they are becoming more equipped to be stand-ins for cars that can carry a significant amount of gear. This theme can be seen in Deus' 'ex Machina' motorbike, which has a side slot for a surfboard, the Taga 2.0 Bike's built-in stroller design and the electric bike cargo trailer named 'Carla.'

In these innovative eco transportation ideas, Autonomous vehicles and 3D printing technology are being propelled forward with advances that introduce these innovations to large-scale eco-friendly versions of buses and trucks.

From Bicycle-Touring Trains to Eco Vehicle Plugins: