The 'Halfbike' is Designed For Compact Urban Storage

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: & gizmag
The Halbrad -- literally "hafbike" in German -- is a truly unique bicycle that features two wheels, pedals and a handlebar on an innovatively re-engineered rear triangle.

Targeted towards the urban personal mobility market, the Halbrad is very easy to ride -- all you have to do is sit on the saddle, grasp onto the handlebars and pedal away towards your destination. It only takes minutes to learn and is equipped with a healthy 90-cm turning radius and can be held in a standing position by balancing the front wheel and pedal for added convenience.

Cycling is clearly becoming increasingly popular among people living in urban areas, but unfortunately, urban living is often a very compact affair. This is exactly why the halfbike will come in use to so many as a result of its ultra-portable and compact form factor.