The Clara Smart Jacket Displays Turn and Brake SIgnals

 - Apr 1, 2016
References: claraswisstech & bikebiz
The Clara smart jacket is a high-tech cycling jacket, developed in Italy, that uses supremely visible, bright LED signals to help cyclists better communicate with other cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

The jacket picks up information from a handlebar-attached lever via Bluetooth, allowing it to detect the cyclist's intentions and signaling accordingly. The jacket's circuit system is securely situated in an internal pocket that is sheathed in polycarbonate material to ensure proper functioning even in rainy conditions.

Anyone who cycles in urban environments knows that it's risky business, particularly at dark, because many cyclists shy away from taking a hand off the handlebar to indicate their intentions, putting themselves in harm's way in the process. By making signaling an easy and streamlined affair, the Clara smart jacket boosts the safety of cyclists as well as motorists and pedestrians.