The Wolffepack Capture Uses a Trapeze-Inspired Harness System

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Wolffepack Capture is a truly innovative take on the camera backpack and is designed for those photographers who want to have streamlined and speedy access to their camera to be able to whip it out whenever they want to take a photo, but at the same time want to ensure that their gear is safe and secure at all times.

This particular camera backpack promises both these features. It does this by making use of a totally new and novel orbital trapeze setup which allows the bag to freely rotate around the wearer's body by virtue of Dyneema cords. Users can pull on the lock setup on the shoulder strap to release the bag and let it swing down your back. This makes it easy to whip your camera out. You can also hook the back in place in front of you if you need to sort or organize your gear.

This camera backpack is a great option for photographers who are constantly on the go and want to treat their expensive cameras right.