From Real-Time Travel Apps to Social Media Cameras

 - Jun 13, 2017
With a growing number of millennials prioritizing travel, there has been a rise in the availability of sharing-enabled travel tech. This not only includes apps that make it easier for consumers to share their travels on social media, but also specially designed gadgets that help them capture lasting memories.

Unlike older travelers, millennials are eager to share their travel stories and photos with friends and family as soon as possible. As a result, apps such as PAX have been created to allow users to share their travel experiences with the world in real time. Similarly, the Storie app allows users to film and publish video clips of a trip as it occurs, in order to create a shareable vacation story.

Beyond mobile platforms that help users stream their trips in real time, there are also a number of gadgets that can aid in the sharing of vacation memories. These examples of sharing-enabled travel tech include gadgets such as the Instasnap camera, which allows users to post to Instagram without their phone, and the GoPro Seeker knapsack, which enables users to capture POV moments hands-free.