This Clear Backpack is Designed to Sustain an Aquatic Ecosystem

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: etsy & incrediblethings
The Aquarium Backpack by Esty shop seller UVProductionHouse allows consumers to carry around an aquatic ecosystem in a clear backpack. The knapsack is designed to function as a self-cleaning aquarium for fish and small aquatic animals as well as support plant life to create a livable environment.

Traditionally aquariums are designed to be stationary homes for fish, making the Aquarium Backpack a transportable alternative. The bag is designed to retain water without leaking and support an ecosystem with added rocks, plants, snails and goldfish. The bag's clear design allows consumers to see inside and observe fish living in their habitat.

While the knapsack is designed to be a portable home for fish, constant motion to the surroundings of fish can be disrupting making the accessory more ideal for temporary transportation than continual use.