These Tote Designs by Volha Kotova Make the Wearer Look Like They Could Fly

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: etsy & mymodernmet
Volha Kotova is the creative mind behind these bird tote designs that are made using oval strips of felt that are stacked together to create a pair of wings that lay overtop of the backpack. When the wearer adorns the accessory, it looks as though they are about to take flight with the wings growing from their back.

The notion of flight is something that humankind has often explored in folkloric legends and myths, which might be where Kotova sourced her inspiration for these designs. The backpacks feature an exterior that is fashioned out of series of felt strips ranging in colors to recreate the realistic look of feathers. The bag is cut in such a way that the felt wings sit directly where they might be if humans were naturally born with them.

The whimsical tote adds an element of playfulness to one's outfit.